King’s Quest IV – The Perils of Rosella update

Hi All,


I have inserted lots of downloadable files in the downloads section.

Lots of KQ4 related content like the map of Tamir, The music of the game, several walkthroughs and much more.


Just click here to see the new KQ4 content




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    King’s Quest Remake

    The King's quest series may have been the best game series ever!


    But still the games are quite old, and as expected from old games – the first 4 games at least are really outdated in several perspectives.


    They use inferior graphics and their interface (text interpreter) doesn't suite many people.


    That is the main reason for the remaking of these games.


    The first, second and third game were remade by AGD Interactive

    The third game was also remade by infamous-adventures – Infamous Adventures were the first to remake KQ3 at 2006, AGD Interactive remade their remake at 2011.

    The fourth's game remake is still in progress (although quite slow progress) by a company named Magic Mirror Games


    That's all for now folks,

    King Graham,


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